Hydraulic Power Pack

miniBOOSTER is commonly used in Power Packs generating high pressure and noise free operation.

Power Packs equipped with miniBOOSTERs are capable of supplying high flow and pressure up to 3,000 bar.

Keeping system cost and noise level very low (64 dBa), miniBOOSTER adds great value to your Power Pack.

Well-proven applications:

  • Bolt tensioners
  • Nut splitters
  • Torque wrenches
  • Railroad tools
  • Test stands
  • Rescue tools
  • Workholding


Have a closer look at our range of miniBOOSTER intensifiers: 



         HC2            HC7             M-HC-7  800bar

         HC3            HC4H          M-HC-7  2000bar

         HC4            HC6H





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