miniBOOSTER hydraulic intensifiers offer several performance advantages for crushing and breaking applications.

Our intensifier systems:

Reduce the weight of breaker
Reduce carrier size
Boost pressure up to 700 bar, for greater force
Bypass flow up to 400 l/min, increasing overall efficiency
Use inlet pressure up to 350 bar

miniBOOSTER‘s intensifier systems offer a complete “plug and play“ solution, providing both high efficiency (speed) and high force. This means you can keep engine power at a minimum (carrier size).

Our intensifier systems make use of full pump pressure. It provides up to 350 bar from the carrier and a bypass full pump flow up to 400 l/min, which secures a very high efficiency. They also allow direct flanging onto the breaking cylinders, without the need for vulnerable high-pressure hoses. We offer a full range of intensifier systems powering small to large breakers.

Take a closer look at our miniBOOSTER range of intensifier systems: