Excavators & mini-excavators

miniBOOSTER hydraulic pressure intensifiers provide several benefits, powering high-pressure equipment on excavators.

No need for extra Power Pack or High-Pressure Pump
Easy to install on existing hydraulics system
No need for additional, expensive high-pressure control valves
Compact and lightweight
Fast lifting and lowering cycle time

The miniBOOSTER works closely with you to develop optimised vehicle systems and verify that critical performance characteristics have been met. The miniBOOSTER is the best solution and most efficient way to power high-pressure tools on your vehicles for example lifting. It generates high pressure without any modifications on your vehicle’s hydraulic system.

Whether you are cutting, clamping, or lifting with 700 bar, the compact and lightweight miniBOOSTER intensifying system provides high by-pass flow combined with boosted high pressure.

Take a closer look at our miniBOOSTER range of intensifier systems: