HC65D-D versions: 9 different intensification factors

PIN: 20–207 bar

PH: 800 bar maximum

PRETURN: As low as possible (return pressure to tank)

POUTLET: PH = (PIN – PRETURN) x intensification factor

Mounting: Flange, Manifold system miniBOOSTER pattern

Weight:  21.0 kg.

Model versions:

A model = no dump valve
B model = with dump valve

Material certificate 3.1 on request


The HC65D-D is a high-flow dual-acting unit, which is capable of delivering up to 65.0 l/min flow on the high-pressure end. The hole pattern is a miniBOOSTER design. It is ideal for use in a variety of applications where building and maintaining high pressure is required.

The HC65D-D incorporates a counterbalance valve, which allows fast-forward movement of a cylinder by directing the full inlet flow to pass directly through the booster section until the set pressure has been reached. Then the counterbalance valve opens, and the booster starts oscillating.

The HC65D-D booster will automatically stall when the high-pressure side H is reached. The booster will continuously compensate for oil consumption to maintain the high pressure.

Adjustment of the outlet pressure is carried out by varying the supplied pressure. Relative to its flow capability, the HC65D-D is a compact unit weighing 21 kg. 

Flow rates

Intensification factor
Max. intensified outlet flow
Max. inlet flow


The basic operation is illustrated in the function diagram. Oil is fed through the directional valve CV to the IN port, flowing freely through the check valves 2x KV1, 2x KV2 and DV to the high-pressure side H. In this condition maximum flow through the booster is achieved, giving a fast-forward function.

When pump pressure is reached on the high-pressure side H, valves KV1, KV2 and DV will close. The end pressure will be achieved by the oscillating pump units OP1 and OP2 by turns. The unit will automatically stall when end pressure on high-pressure side H is reached. If a pressure drop on the high-pressure side exists due to consumption or leakage, the OP1 and OP2 units will automatically operate to maintain the end pressure. It is possible to change the high-pressure connection H to the opposite end of the booster.


Function diagram



Dimension drawing 6D-128-00

Fluids and materials

Additional information is available on the website under Products → General specifications.

Ordering an HC65D-D

Ordering example of a HC65D-D with i = 4.0, DV incorporated: HC65D – 4.0 – B – D

Attention note!
Valve pre-setting is required, please specify when ordering the intensifier.



  • HC65D

Intensification, i

  • Select factor
  • See flow rate table

Model version

  • Select type
  • A = without DV
  • B = with DV


  • D