Hook lift trailer

A miniBOOSTER intensifier system is an efficient solution for increasing performance on your Hook lift trailers.

The miniBOOSTER intensifier systems are designed to boost the hydraulic pressure from the pump to the workload of the hook lift trailer.

We offer a wide range of products to fulfill the requirements of your different applications, and for the end users, who can get a more powerful, simple and reliable trailer at a competitive price.

Increase the load capacity of the trailer without big changes in the hydraulic system.
Robust design provides a high bypass flow at 400 l/min with pressure up to 700 bar.
Cost-effective compared to other solutions.
Easy and fast installation for end users.
Making good use of new tractors high oil pump flow capacity, to achieve energy savings for end users without rotating PTO axel.
No extra oil circuit to monitor.

miniBOOSTER will be your best choice for load capacity between 15 to 30 tons. We also make customised solutions for your special products.

Take a closer look at our miniBOOSTER range of intensifier systems: