System Filter



Intensifier system filter for M-HC-012 / -013

Directly mounting on the intensifier system

Saves space

Reduces cost

Dimensions: Varies by type

Weight: Single 1.5 kg.

Weight: Double 3.2 kg.

Max. pressure: 350 bar

Operating temperatures: 0°C to 100°C


This filter provides protection for intensifier systems up to 350 bar. It can be mounted directly on the manifold block offering a very compact assembly.

A mechanical clogging indicator is fitted as standard. With the electrical version supplied as an optional extra. The standard filter element is 12 micron.


Function diagram for M-HC-012


Function diagram for M-HC-013


Fluids and materials

Additional information is available on the website under Products → General specifications.

Ordering System filter

Ordering codeDescriptionIntensifier system
ConnectionWeightDim. drawing
FIL-SF1-1_4-CI-12System filter w/ one filter elementUp to 100 l/minFlanged - 1/4" BSPP1.5 kgFIL-SF1-1_4-CI-12-00
FIL-SF1-3_8-CI-12System filter w/ one filter elementUp to 400 l/minFlanged - 3/8" BSPP1.5 kgFIL-SF1-3_8-CI-12-00
FIL-SF2-1_4-CI-12System filter w/ two filter elementsUp to 100 l/minFlanged - 1/4" BSPP3.2 kgFIL-SF2-1_4-CI-12-00
FIL-SF2-3_8-CI-12System filter w/ two filter elementsUp to 400 l/minFlanged - 3/8" BSPP3.2 kgFIL-SF2-3_8-CI-12-00

Ordering system filter spare parts

Ordering codeDescription
FIL-KITNG6-10Filter element 12µm
FIL-NG6-CIClogging indicator - mechanical
FIL-NG6-CIEClogging indicator - electrical