Automatically activated (sequence valve)

Flexible design; several intensification factors

Multiple connection possibilities

Extended service life

Robust design


PIN: 20 – 300 bar

PH: 500 bar maximum

Q: 100 L/min

Weight: 23.0 kg.


The M-HC6 is a complete, ready-to-install, high-flow and high-pressure intensifier system. The system is based on the miniBOOSTER HC6 intensifier and includes integral high-flow bypass and isolation valves.

The intensifier system M-HC6-004 also includes a relief valve on the HP-side.

The system is ideal for mobile attachments to take full advantage of the pump capacity for fast-forward movement of the hydraulic cylinder(s) and to boost pressure, when needed to achieve intensified (crushing/clamping) pressures.

The M-HC6 intensifier system can be tailor-made to match your application.

Typical applications

Mobile attachments; motors – steering systems – cutters – crushers – shears, off highway equipment, injection molding machines and hydraulic presses.

Function diagram for models M-HC6-001, -002, -003



Function diagram for model M-HC6-004


Connection types

ConnectionP / T / ZHP1 / T1
M-HC6-0011/2" BSPPFlange3/8" BSPP
M-HC6-0021/2" BSPPFlange1/2" BSPP
M-HC6-0031/2" BSPP1/2" BSPP3/8" BSPP
M-HC6-0041/2" BSPP1/2" BSPP3/8" BSPP

Fluids and materials

Additional information is available on the website under Products → General specifications.

Ordering example of an M-HC6

An intensifier system M-HC6 for 500 bar 100 l/min with 1/2” BSPP thread connection on high-pressure side for tube mounting, mounted with an HC6-2.5-A-1:

M-HC6-003 mounted with HC6-2.5-A-1

Attention note!
Valve pre-settings are required, please specify when ordering the intensifier system.

Selection of intensifier system

Ordering codeConnectionBypass flowMax. pressureWeightDimension drawing PDF
M-HC6-001Flange100 l/min500 bar23.0 kg6-122-05
M-HC6-002Flange100 l/min500 bar23.0 kg6-123-01
M-HC6-003Tube100 l/min500 bar23.0 kg6-124-01
M-HC6-004Tube100 l/min500 bar23.0 kg6-125-02

Selection of intensification factor

ModelIntensification, iModel versionConnection

The intensification factor depends on available inlet and desired outlet pressure. To calculate the initial factor, use the following formular:

i = Desired high pressure / pump pressure

Desired pressure: 500 bar
Pump pressure: 207 bar
i = 500 / 207 = 2.4

For static use: Select an intensification factor higher or equal to the calculated value. In this example calculated i = 2.4, select factor i = 2.5. For M-HC6-004 only: The desired pressure of 500 bar is finally adjusted with the Pressure Reducing Valve (5).

For dynamic use: Select an intensification factor 40% higher than the calculated value. In this example calculated i = 500 / 207 = 2.4 + 40% = 3.4, select factor i = 4.0. The desired pressure of 500 bar is finally adjusted with the Relief Valve (6).

Max. tightening torque

P / T / ZH
1/2" BSPP1/2" BSPP
with steel washer13.0 da/Nm13.0 da/Nm
with cutting edge13.0 da/Nm13.0 da/Nm

Max. tightening torque flange mounting

Mounting bolt
M6 12.91.8 da/Nm