Oil & Gas

Oil and gas rigs are some of the hardest working environments for both humans and equipments. In extreme conditions where salt water, howling winds and the risks of severe icing are just all in a day’s work, reliable and effective tools are essential and a vital part of the safety – not only for the oil rig workers, but also for the environment. That is why miniBOOSTERs hydraulic intensifiers have become very popular in the challenging offshore business.

Unmanned Submarines

Large part of oil and gas rig is submerged, construction, repair and maintenance work under water is necessary. These tasks are normally carried out by unmanned remotely operated vehicles – so called ROVs. ROVs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, of which some look like small submarines. The ROVs are equipped with different tools depending on their task, tools like hydraulic cutters, crimpers and bolt tensioners are common. Thanks to its compact size, the miniBOOSTER is an ideal solution for powering underwater remotely controlled equipment. It can be integrated into most underwater applications, and the stainless-steel design makes it highly resistant to corrosion in the metal hostile environment.

Wire cutter

Water jetting

Ensure reliable high-pressure emergency operation of the BOP with an HC6D2W from miniBOOSTER Hydraulics, in case of malfunction of the BOP. The HC6D2W is a dual media intensifier that generates 7,500 PSI (520 bar) for activation of the BOP and sealing of the well bore.

The dual media intensifier HC6D2W is powered by the ROVs 3,000 PSI working pressure and boosts the secondary fluid, which could be sea water, mineral oil or glycols up to 7,500 PSI. To meet the required actuation time of less than 60 seconds for the large RAM cylinders that hold a volume up to 140 liters, a combination of a high-flow low-pressure pump and one or more high-pressure boosters are required.

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