Intensifier System M-HC6D


The M-HC6D is a complete, ready-to-install, high-flow and high-pressure intensifier system. The system is based on the miniBOOSTER HC6D intensifier and includes integral high-flow bypass and isolation valves.

PIN = 20–350 bar (inlet pressure)
PH = 500 bar (outlet pressure)
Q = 100 L/min
Weight: 32.3 kg



The system is ideal for mobile attachments to take full advantage of the pump capacity for fast forward movement of the hydraulic cylinder(s) and to boost pressure, when needed to achieve intensified (crushing/clamping) pressures. Typical Applications: Mobile attachments (Cutters - Crushers - Shears) Injection molding machines and Hydraulic presses.

  • Extra tough
  • System is shipped completely assembled and factory tested ready for installation
  • Provides high flow and high pressure
  • Available with several intensification ratios
  • Optional and multiple connection arrangements

Mounting options

The M-HC6D intensifier system can be tailor-made to match your application with following options.


A variant with a 1/2” BSPPP high pressure port for tube or hose mounting and a pressure relief valve on the high-pressure side, eliminating critical pressure peaks from the high-pressure cylinder.
Please send us your application needs in order to receive a proposal.


6D-124 / issue 03

Function model M-HC6D-004

0-292-/ Issue 00

Ordering an miniBOOSTER M-HC6D


Connections H


M-HC6D-004 mounted with an HC6D-3.3-A-1

Tube 1/2” BSPP

Relief valve on HP side


Ordering example of an miniBOOSTER M-HC6D

An intensifier system M-HC6D for 500 bar 100 L/min with 1/2” BSPP thread connection on high-pressure side, for tube mounting. Mounted with a HC6D-3.3-A-1:

M-HC6D-004 – 3.3 – A – 1


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