Portable Intensifier System M-HC7 (up to 800 bar)


The miniBOOSTER M-HC7 Portable Intensifier System is a rugged unit designed for demanding industrial applications.

The M-HC7 can be used with any low-pressure (20 to 200 bar) power source providing a minimum flow of 2 lpm. Output pressure as high as 800 bar.

Reliability is a primary design consideration. The M-HC7 is equipped with a 10-micron filter and a visual filter condition indicator. Service life is extended and down-time avoided.


Height: 321mm
Width: 146 mm
Length: 315 mm
Weight: 10 kg

Portability and ease of operation

With a weight of only 10 kg and a convenient lifting handle, the M-HC7 can be easily carried to where it is needed.

The M-HC7 operates from an existing low-pressure hydraulic supply. No additional utilities are required. All controls are incorporated into the unit providing simple and reliable performance.

Time is money: The M-HC7 can deliver up to 15 lpm and is designed to ensure that system capacity is directed to your process until intensification is required. Cycle times are minimised.

Many applications require that unit to provide exceptional accuracy. The M-HC7 is proven with an easy-to-read 4” diameter pressure gauge to permit accuracy to be controlled within 1%.


1 pcs.Manifold with handle
1 pcs.HC7 miniBOOSTER intensifier
1 pcs.Pressure relief valve
1 pcs.4/3 manual directional valve
1 pcs.Pressure filter 10 micron
1 pcs.High-pressure gauge 0 - 1000 bar
1 pcs.Sequence valve 
1 pcs.Check valve 
1 pcs.Filter condition indicator visual

IN-, M-, P1- and T-port:  1/4” BSPP
HP port: H 1/4” BSPP cone 120°

Mounting options

The M-HC7 intensifier system can be tailor made to match your application with the following options. Please send us your application needs in order to receive a proposal.

  • Manifold block in Steel PP-805 (for use in hazardous areas, mining and offshore applications)
  • Electrical clogging indicator FIL-NG6-CIE
  • Electrical solenoid valve (for remote control)
  • Flow control valve PA-9F400-S (to reduce the flow - returning a dual-acting cylinder)
  • Low pressure gauge 0 – 250 bar

Functions M-HC7-002

0-265 Model - Version with pressure relief. For applications with maximum pump pressure of 200 bar.

Functions M-HC7-102

0-266 Model - Version with pressure relief and pressure reducing valve. Relief valve can be locked at a maximum value securing the booster and application from being over pressurized.

Ordering an miniBOOSTER M-HC7



Dump valve



4.0 / 5.0

B = (yes)



4.0 / 5.0





Ordering an M-HC7

An intensifier system M-HC7 for 800 bar with pressure relief and pressure-reducing valve.
Mounted with an HC7 with i = 4.0, H1 M22 x 1.5 and H2 19/16-18 UNF.
DV incorporated and BSPP connections: HC7 - 4.0 - B - 12
For alternative high-pressure connections see the HC7 datasheet.

M-HC7-002 – 4.0 – B – 12


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