miniBOOSTER is commonly used in rescue vehicles providing up to 1,000 bar for cutting spreading and lifting tools. The miniBOOSTER pressure intensifier can be mounted on the PTO of any rescue vehicle providing a reliable, fast and quiet high-pressure source to existing rescue tools.

Next generation rescue tools

By integrating the miniBOOSTER hydraulic intensifier in the rescue tool, you can increase the supplied low pressure, to 700 bar or more, and benefit from higher force on your tool and a slimmer tool body.

Cutting through the next generation of safe cars, protected with composite-filled metal tubes, will be piece of cake.

The rescue personnel will enjoy working with the super flexible, low-pressure hoses (< 200 bar), which additionally will provide less risk of hose burst and potential high-pressure oil injection injuries.

The advantage counts less hassle, carrying the heavy petrol-driven power pack, to the place of accident.

On top of that the rescue operation will be almost noise free, creating less stress for the victim and rescue personnel.

Take a closer look at our miniBOOSTER range of intensifiers: