miniBOOSTER intensifiers are widely used in machine tools especially in workholding tools like clamps and support cylinders.

Often machine tools have a hydraulic system generating 30-100 bar, and most hydraulic workholding systems require operational pressures of 150-500 bar.

By simply inserting a miniBOOSTER between the hydraulic system of the machine tool and the workholding system, any pressure can be obtained. The control of the clamping and the unclamping of parts can be done from the low-pressure side via the miniBOOSTER, providing a simple and reliable method of operation.

Installing a miniBOOSTER will give significant benefits:

Less investment – regardless of what you are comparing a miniBOOSTER solution with, for example a high-pressure pump or a low-pressure clamping circuit, you will see big savings. Remember that all hoses/tubes and valves can be rated for low pressure.

Less space – the miniBOOSTER is very compact and takes up significantly less floor space.

Less noise – the miniBOOSTER is very quiet generating only 64 dBa, compared to high-pressure pumps generating 70dBa–90dBa.

Lower operating cost – the miniBOOSTER does not need any maintenance, and it has no dynamic sealings.

Well-proven applications:

Clamp and support cylinders on pallets
Rail clamping on machine centres
Unclamping of spindle heads
Rotating knives and clamps on turning machines

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