Portable and easy to operate

Reliable and simple performance

Flexible design; several intensification factors

Multiple connection possibilities

Extended service life

Robust design


PIN: 20 – 350 bar

PH: Up to 800 bar maximum

Q: Up to 40 l/min

Weight: 9.5 kg.


The miniBOOSTER Portable Intensifier System M-HC2 is a rugged unit designed for demanding industrial applications. The M-HC2 can be used with any low-pressure, from 20 to 350 bar, power source providing a minimum flow of 2 l/min. Output pressure as high as 800 bar.

Reliability is a primary design consideration. The M-HC2 is equipped with a 12-micron filter and a visual filter condition indicator. Service life is extended and down-time avoided.

Portability and ease of operation

With a weight of only 9.5 kg and a convenient lifting handle, the M-HC2 can be easily carried to where it is needed. The M-HC2 operates from an existing low pressure hydraulic supply. No additional utilities are required. All controls are incorporated into the unit provide simple and reliable performance.

Time is money: The M-HC2 can deliver up to 40 l/min and is designed to ensure that system capacity is directed to your process until intensification is required. Cycle times are minimized. Many applications require that the unit provide exceptional accuracy. The M-HC2 is proven with an easy-to-read 4” diameter pressure gauge to permit accuracy to be controlled within 1%.

Function diagram M-HC2-801

801-01 System with pressure relief valve

Function diagram M-HC2-810

810-01 System with pressure relief valve and pressure reducing valve

Function diagram M-HC2-812

812-01 System with 2 off pressure reducing valves

Connection types

ConnectionP / P1 / M1 / ZTHM2
M-HC2-8011/4" BSPP3/8" BSPP1/4" BSPP
M-HC2-8101/4" BSPP3/8" BSPP1/4" BSPP
M-HC2-8121/4" BSPP3/8" BSPP1/4" BSPP1/4" BSPP

Fluids and materials

Additional information is available on the website under Products → General specifications.

Ordering an M-HC2

Ordering example of an intensifier system M-HC2 for 800 bar with pressure relief and pressure-reducing valve, mounted with an HC2 with i = 4.0, DV incorporated and H1- and H2 port with BSPP connection.

M-HC2-810A-1M01 mounted with HC2 – 4.0 – B – 12

Attention notes!
Valve pre-settings are required, please specify when ordering the intensifier system.

Selection of intensifier system

Ordering codeConnectionMax. pressureWeightFunction diagramDimension drawing PDF
M-HC2-801A-1M01Tube800 bar9.5 kg801-01M-HC2-801A-1M01-00
M-HC2-810A-1M01Tube800 bar9.5 kg810-01M-HC2-810A-1M01-00
M-HC2-812A-1M01Tube800 bar9.5 kg812-01M-HC2-812A-1M01-00

Selection of HC2 model

Ordering codeH1H2H3
HC2-_._-B-121/4" BSPP1/4" BSPP
HC2-_._-B-131/4" BSPP1/4" BSPP1/4" BSPP

Selection of HC2 intensification factor

ModelIntensification, iModel versionConnection
HC21.2B12 or 13
HC21.5B12 or 13
HC22.0B12 or 13
HC22.2B12 or 13
HC22.5B12 or 13
HC22.8B12 or 13
HC23.2B12 or 13
HC24.0B12 or 13
HC25.0B12 or 13
HC26.6B12 or 13
HC29.0B12 or 13
HC213.0B12 or 13
HC220.0B12 or 13