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Welcome, to our special newsletter edition marking three decades of miniBOOSTER. In this issue, we will take a brief look back at miniBOOSTER’s journey and explore how applications like hydraulic bolt tensioning boosts safety and efficiency across industries.

miniBOOSTER is constantly looking for ways to improve our products to help make your hydraulic system better, faster and more cost-effective.

We take great pride in miniBOOSTER’s huge inventory that secures you the best product on the market in just a few business days – anywhere around the world! We have it on the shelves!

Maximize force and minimize weight and size.

miniBOOSTER raises the pressure in hydraulic equipment.

We offer you more energy-efficient solutions, combined with the practical benefits of lighter, stronger, more compact, and faster tooling solutions.


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Christen Espersen

miniBOOSTER Celebrates 30 Years.

miniBOOSTER celebrates our 30th anniversary this year. Since 1994, miniBOOSTER has been a global leader in developing and manufacturing hydraulic intensifiers.

As we enter our fourth decade, miniBOOSTER has transitioned from a small manufacturer to a worldwide leader for hydraulic intensifiers and intensifier systems. What a ride! We are very proud of what we have achieved, over that time.

While it’s fun to look back at what we have accomplished, we are firmly focused on developing, supplying, and supporting new products to help our customers develop innovative and time-saving products and processes. We recently introduced our HC4H and HC6H intensifiers, capable of 3,000 bar (40,000+ PSI) to allow our customers in the bolt tensioning industry to tackle larger projects cost-effectively. See the following article on the topic for more information.

Some have asked “what is in the water at miniBOOSTER?”. The average tenure for our remarkable team is more than 12 years! Much of our success is attributable to our family-like culture.

Throughout the year we will share a walk down memory lane on our social media channels.

Bolt Tensioning in Wind Turbines.

It should come as no surprise that miniBOOSTER is the intensifier technology of choice of leaders in the bolt tensioning industry. Today, bolt tensioning is synonymous with wind turbines.

Demanding applications, like bolt tensioning, highlight the advantages of using miniBOOSTER. Bolt tensioning requires repetitive and consistent cycling upwards of 1,500 bar (20,000+ PSI).

Team of Experts. It starts with the depth of our knowledgebase. Chances are good that we’ve “been there and done that” before. From concept through product support, miniBOOSTER has the resources to meet our customers’ needs.

Accuracy by Design. The precise tensioning of several critical bolt assemblies is essential to ensure extended and safe turbine operation. Precision with miniBOOSTER is accurately and repeatably achievable by simply adjusting the inlet pressure to the intensifier.

Reliability by Design. miniBOOSTER intensifiers for bolt tensioning do not have dynamic seals to extend service life and limit maintenance attention.

Time is of the Essence. By design, miniBOOSTER intensifiers are up to 5x faster than other intensifier technologies.

You Need it Now! miniBOOSTER maintains a large inventory of product. Over 90% of orders are shipped in 2-3 business days.